About CGM

CGM is the manager and the developer of MAZES

Compagnie de Gestion de MAZES (CGM) is a 100% owned subsidiary of Srategos Group LLC based in Kinshasa. It is in charge of the management and property development of MAZES, and will also supervise the special economic zone compliance of customs, taxes, labour, environment and overall operation of the complex. This will foster a high end value add integrated platform for business development.



- The world bank organized and supervised a public tender for the administration of the first special economic zone in the DRC.


- A notice of expression of interest was published in the press on December 19, 2018, to which seven candidates responded.


- Strategos is awarded the public bid by MAZES.

- Negotiation of the "Contrat D Amenagement" with Agence de Zones Economiques Speciales, MAZES.


- In January 2020 Strategos signed a landmark "Contrat d´Aménagement" to develop and administer the first of its kind Zone Économique Spéciale Pilote Maluku in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

- CGM is constituted as the subsidiary of the Strategos group in Kinshasa and we began to work in the agreements established in the Contrat d´Aménagement for the administration of the project.

Key dates

The project began in 2017, and has gone through different stages throughout its development, so that by 2020 it will be ready for the execution of the plan.

Meet our team

Luc Gerard Nyafé

Chairman & CEO Strategos

Alexis indenge

President of the Steering Committee

Miguel de Pombo


Claire Guglielmi

Legal Director