MAZES, your secure gateway to the DRC

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The Project

Businesses without boundaries

As the first special economic zone in the country, MAZES will play a key role in international commerce, creating tremendous benefits for the DRC. In today’s highly competitive world, the development of a zone that aims to promote the investment of new capital and encourage job creation and effective administration while offering taxes, tariffs, customs, financial or regulatory advantages as well as streamlined procedures, must be prioritized. CGM (Companie de Gestion De MAZES) is the manager and developer of MAZES (the trade name). The project will focus on commercial, industrial and manufacturing activities; including multi-purpose facilities dedicated to sales, retail, trade and industry. Read more

Our vision is to develop the first special economic zone with world class industrial infrastructure and logistics solutions in DRC. MAZES will be the destination of choice in DRC for foreign and local investors wanting to develop or expand diverse economic activities.

Master Plan

Strategic location

A 211 ha property located 70 kms from Kinshasa on the Congo River with access to the local road network that will offer state of the art facilities, including but not limited to, warehouses, residential development, commercial and mixed real estate use as well as all of the benefits associated with a Special Economic Zone. Thanks to its multimodal position on the Kinshasa-Kikwit corridor, MAZES is expected to be a driving force behind the growth of key projects in the DRC.

MAZES outlook

Industrial Zone

Commercial Zone

Port Complex

Residential Zone

Administrative Area

Green Spaces

Business advantages highlights

  • Area: 211 total hectares

  • Productive Area: 172,33 hectares usable

  • Concession to 25 years extendable to another 25 years

  • Favorable tax, customs and exchange tax regime

  • Guichet Unique and centralization of administration

  • Diversified industries

  • Low Capex Investment

  • Free trade

  • Streamlined Logistics

The latest news

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20 Octubre 2020

Alexis Indenge joins La Compagnie de Gestion de Maluku (CGM)

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20 Octubre 2020

Democratic Republic of Congo: Businessman Luc Gérard Nyafe delivers his truths about the Maluku

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20 Octubre 2020

DRC: Strategos Group signs the development contract for the Maluku pilot SEZ

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20 Octubre 2020

RDC : le gouvernement recrute un aménageur pour la Zone économique spéciale de Maluku

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